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The NW BBQ Power Rankings is the place to find out where each NW competitive BBQ team is ranked for the current week.  This ranking system uses each team's results from both PNWBA and KCBS events within the NW. The goal of this ranking system is to provide teams an idea of how they stack up to the competition no matter if they have done 3 events or 15. This ranking system like any other available in competitive BBQ is not perfect and as all competitors know, any given weekend any team could pull off the win!
The power rank is back! There have been quite a few events since we updated the summary portion.  We did post some new rankings a few weeks ago. A summary of the events and winners since the end of May are posted below.  2019 has been the year of the Warpig as Jason has been on fire and riding a very hot streak.  Rusty's has been right behind him and nearly as hot this year.  We will see if these guys can continue the heat as the second half of the year continues or if some new teams can catch fire.
Blues, Brews, and BBQ - Coos Bay, OR (KCBS):
GC - Warpig BBQ
RGC - Piggy D's BBQ
Cruzin' Chelan - Chelan, WA (PNWBA)
GC - Fahrenheit 250
RGC - Rusty's BBQ
Bottles, Brews, and BBQ - Prosser, WA (PNWBA)
GC - Warpig BBQ
RGC - Happy Campers BBQ
South Sound BBQ Festival - Lacey, WA (PNWBA)
GC - Rusty's BBQ
RGC - Warpig BBQ
Smoke of the Dragon - Dallas, OR (KCBS)
GC - Hoagies Smokes BBQ
RGC - Bad Bones BBQ
Oregon Bacon Championship - Keizer, OR  (PNWBA)
GC - Maddog's BBQ
RGC - Smokin' Timbers Northwest
Big Red Barn Burner - Chilliwack, BC (KCBS)
GC - Rocky Mountain Smokers
RGC - Big Dog's BBQ
Congrats to all of the teams that have walked so far this year!  Get out there and compete to raise those rankings!
Warpig BBQ has a well deserved #1 ranking right now and the hottest team in the NW.
Smoke 324 is #2 and Rusty's BBQ in the hunt at #3.
Rapidly Rising Teams:
Big Dog BBQ
Hoagie Smokes BBQ
Smokin Timbers NW
Biggest Drop:
Braai Q
Rusty's BBQ is #1 in the dirty bird category
Warpig BBQ is 0.4 points behind him in #2
Rapidly Rising Teams:
The Smokin Grill Next Door
Biggest Drop:
503 Backyard BBQ
Piggy D's BBQ is sitting on the top of the bone pile for now with only 2 events of participation.
Warpig BBQ is #2
Rapidly Rising Teams:
Hoagie Smokes
Biggest Drop:
Fat Dad's BBQ
Lake House BBQ
Warpig BBQ is #1 in the pork category.
Rusty's BBQ is #2.
Rapidly Rising Teams:
Portley Pig
Biggest Drop:
Daddy and Me BBQ
Pork Daddy's
Smoke 324 is currently the best in beef
Smokin' Timbers Northwest is #2
Rapidly Rising Teams:
Fat Wally's Firehouse BBQ
Biggest Drop:
Mad Cow BBQ
Upcoming Events:
The competition year is just past the halfway mark and quickly wrapping up.  Six events left until the end of the year in September.  ​The power rank will be trimmed to only teams with 3 competitions for the year to make the final ranking.  Get out and compete if you want to see how you stack up in October! Good luck to all the teams cooking this weekend!
  • Canadian National Championships - Whistler, B.C. (PNWBA) -  August 3rd
  • Pigfest - Oak Harbor, WA (PNWBA) - August 11
  • Hudson Bay Heritage Days - Dupont, WA (KCBS) - August 18
  • Juarez Canyon BBQ Showdown - Oregon City, OR  (PNWBA) - Sept. 7
  • Benton City Daze - Benton City, WA (PNWBA) - Sept. 14
  • Harvest Festival - Grand Coulee, WA (PNWBA) - Sept. 21
Power Ranking Calculations:
  • Only Top 20 finishes earn any points. First place in a meat category receives 20 points and the points decrease to 20th place earning 1 point. All other finishes 0 points.
  • Bonus points based on competition size. A first place against 30 teams is more impressive than 1st place against 10 teams. Bonus points start at events with 20 plus teams. Events with 21-25 teams earn 1 bonus point, 26-30 teams earns 2 bonus points and so on.
  • Teams must compete in at least 2 events to be listed in the NW BBQ Power Rankings. Final rankings based on min. 3 events.
  • Event must have 10 teams or more competing to be counted in power rank calculations.
  • Only events with the 4 main meats will be counted (Pork, Brisket, Chicken and Ribs.)
  • Overall  finishing points for 1st place (GC) = 100 points decreasing by 5 points per spot to 20th place overall earning 5 points.
  • Only events shown on the NW BBQ Power Rank map are counted.  PNWBA and KCBS events both counted in WA, OR, ID, MT, BC.


overall 7.29.19.png
chicken 7.29.19.png
rib 7.29.19.png
pork 7.29.19.png
brisk 7.29.19.png
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